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Frequently Answered Questions

OmmaSign officially supports Android, Tizen, BrightSign, Linux, Windows, and webOS and the total market share of these sums up to about  95% of the digital signage sector. That means no new hardware investment for your company.

OmmaSign is an official software partner of BrightSign, LG, Samsung, Philips, Vestel, and ProDVX devices. That means, whenever an update is due, we are already compatible.

Yes, you can. OmmaSign runs smoothly on every device and OS it supports, and this means a smooth broadcast on any device, even if they are not manufactured by the same brand.

OmmaSign is more than just a cloud-based CMS for digital signage; it is an advanced platform for engaging and dynamic campaign broadcasting that merges offline & online touchpoints. For example, we  offer real-time data & content management for your campaign broadcasts; offline device support for no more black and stuck screens; hassle, hassle-free ‌& automatic updates for an always up-to-date system, and remote access & system health check for smooth broadcasting. To get more details, get in touch today.

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