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The home of Smart Display Engine

Welcome to a new age in display-based marketing communications.
Get to know OMMA and expand your horizon on how you communicate.

What is Smart Display Engine?

Smart Display Engine is the software infrastructure that OMMA has been developing since 2015. It is a new-generation, display based marketing communication software platform. 

Smart Display Engine enables brands to communicate with their target audience with relevant, personal, and interactive messages via personalized video and digital signage.

Smart Display Engine Product Line

Smart Display Engine Product Line

Interactive and dynamic digital signage software platform for brick & mortar places.

OMMA Sign is an OS and hardware independent digital signage CMS. We are born in the cloud and proudly bring you all the benefits of it.

We are infinitely scalable, whether you’re an SMB or an enterprise, we have a solution for you.

We provide a very customizable infrastructure that enables complex integrations on digital signage projects.

We proudly provide you with platform independent video-sync in all screens, smart or not.

Interactive and personalized video experience platform for 360 degree communications

Videos are the most popular medium of 21st century and it is easy to understand why. Harness the power of video marketing with VQ.

Personalized content means relevancy. Relevancy means an instant rise in CTRs, lift in sales, opening rates in email campaigns. 

Feedback for a healthier communication, survey for progress, user appreciation for brand purpose, promotions & ads for upsell.

The go-to medium of the 21st century, combined with the accurate, relevant messages, and powered by apps and integrations.

OMMA proudly powers global giants